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ABC Cork's Warehouse

ABC Cork with its 70,000 square foot owned warehouse, is able to ship orders from its enormous inventory.


ABC Cork was established in 1972, and it is one of Canada's largest wholesalers of wine and beer making supplies. Family run since its inception, an extensive and ever increasing, range of products are offered at competitive prices. The family works tirelessly to maintain a reputation built on exceptional service and quality - a commitment which has resulted in mutually successful business relationship with their customers.

In the earlier years, ABC Cork's primary focus was on the importing of cork products from Portugal. Business relationships were developed and maintained resulting in close alliances with major cork distributors in the country of origin, thereby guaranteeing the best quality for a North American industry still very much in its infancy. The years to follow would see the industry and demand for its products grow exponentially. As a leader in their market, ABC Cork sought to diversify and maintain their competitiveness.

ABC Cork, while continuing as one of the most prominent suppliers of cork, began to source the best equipment and accessories associated with wine and beer making. At the same time, the company ventured into the very competitive wine kit industry. Through intensive product development and research, the company created Fontana; one of the best lines of kits available.

Qualities such as varietal grape juice, no liquid invert sugar, and varietal yeast has gained the attention and respect of customers and competitors alike.

ABC Cork with its 70,000 square foot owned warehouse, is able to ship orders from its enormous inventory. Competitive pricing is coupled with a full customer service team to ensure complete satisfaction and support.

ABC Cork has firmly established itself as the one stop shopping source within the wine and beer making industry. However, the company continuously explores ways to develop and improve.

ABC Cork continues their commitment to quality and to the customers they proudly serve.